Written between Wednesday, Oct 25th and Monday, November 6th, 2023

Poetry by Sean O'Connor
2 min readNov 8, 2023

This is, to quote my uncle,“for the soul:” contemplating, compressing stream of consciousness experiments, meditation experiments.

Cultivating, harnessing, balancing, directing energy, energies, life force, prana, qi, consciousness, breath…

in the midst of radical quantum leaps…meditation fastening the seat belts as the quantum-leap-rocket launches and blazes through dimensions, parallel universes… through the turbulence as you contemplatively, experimentally choose prospective visions…the confusion can feel so brutal but the sage incense, spaciousness, timelessness, and the friendliest of faces…as the soul is cruising…can be so soothing.

Breathing into feelings of uselessness…breathing into them shikantaza-a.k.a.-just-sitting-or -do-nothing meditation-style instead of heading for some external source of temporary relief that evade the demons.

Practicing the thought-and-feeling-noting meditation technique. Qigong practice. Standing Qigong meditations. Guided meditations. Tantrik sex. Affirmation-mantras. Activism. Philanthropy. Poetry that integrates.

Determining and taking right actions, necessary actions, some of which are based more on the spiritual, abstract, and theoretical…for example…actions based on the pursuit of happiness, flow, balance, virtue, beauty, one’s calling, eroticism…



Poetry by Sean O'Connor

Philosophical, spiritual, erotic, political poetry by Sean O'Connor