Poetry by Sean O’Connor

Spiritual, philosophical, stream of consciousness poetry

Hi, I’m Sean.

I went through quite a phase this last summer of renouncing poetry, focusing on the essay, and then eventually sexuality/the erotic, and then Tantra Yin Yoga, and now I’ve integrated what I’ve learned over the last several months to write poetry but in a more present tense, and an essayistic style inspired by Tantra Yin Yoga practice and philosophy (such as the idea of “union” which is what Yoga means, harnessing of energy to tap into the divine and experience bliss, eat cetera).

My work from earlier phases of my development in poetics tended to focus on both the future tense and desire in a much more general sense — i.e., the things in life we believe we want, the process and experience, both psychologically, and practically, of trying to make dreams come true and such.

Currently I’m part of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics Low Residency MFA Program run by Naropa University.

I’ll say more soon as I reassemble my creative/literary intentions.

Until then…



Sean O’Connor

Please let me know what you think/feel about these poems, as I’m always interested. To contact me more directly, you can email me at sean.oconnor@naropa.edu



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